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A little cluttered here and there, but never all that messy. Definitely wish there was more on the low end, some sub bass. Glad to see people releasing on NG these days! cheers

pretty sick noises you're opening with. In my opinion, your percussion could use a bit more beef in the low end, maybe just a juiced up kick would help. Also, you probably want to build some kind of breakdown or switchup to extend the track - you don't want the opening to be half of the song unless the song is 5+ minutes. But I do enjoy the sounds you do have going on here. cheers!

CyroNG responds:

WOAH, a review with decent points in 2019? I salute you.
You know, I might actually take your suggestions then upload this again.


Not sure how I got here, but I found it.
Good job on this, I like it. Like you said, could use some time mixing/mastering..etc
keep up the good work


Watch those scales in the solo, damn.
fix it up and you'll be good.

NightHawk22 responds:

I purposely used jazz scales. I like to stray from the mainstream and experiment.


Great work! I need to figure out how to get that dubstep sound. Still working on it haha.


Hahaha I clicked on this song and went straight into facebook and yahoo for at least 15 minutes and I came back to this thinking it was a really, really long song. It loops really well.
keep up the good work, though I'm not a big fan of the percussion samples you used.. (just my dumb thought)

Nijg responds:

I use demo software for the mp3 versions of my songs, so I have an extremely limited amount of percussion samplers, I really wish I had more. There are very few percussion samplers in my software that actually sound usable.

Thanks for the review


This is interesting, I think it could be better with different synths and a kick that wasn't so funky.
Thats just my idea though.
Nice work! keep it up.

nice work!

Just went through my older music and listened to that remix of Green I did and I was like "that song was awesome...I need to check out muffin mans stuff"
so yeah
This is pretty awesome as well!
I think we should work on something together soon, hit me up with a pm if you're still around these days!

Hey finally some one to help me top xcore!

keep it up! I like the mix of strings and synths at the start.
bassy enough for me, but thats just because I listen to music in my car with a sub.
the 1:00 break down is great
One thing that might help you out is to take some samples or different bass instruments and mix up the dubstep wobble stuff you've got going on to make it more complex. I'm barely just starting to produce dubstep, though, so you don't have to listen to me.
check out my personal jesus dubstep remix :)

Catstuffer responds:

Top xkore?! Impossible. That guy has some amazing samples. I agree that more than one bass would add to it. I have another project in teh works, one again featuring piano, and I will be using a a mix of sounds. I'll give your dub a listen.

Thanks for reviewing!


quality production yet again bud. but the kick roll build ups are getting old :P
not 1st place material though

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