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I really enjoyed this, and the 3D was well integrated. Just needs to be longer!


any humor it did have was drowned out by the sheer length of the stupidity. I really enjoyed some of the art, but it dragged and just wasn't all that funny.

The 3 is purely because some of the art was awesome. and I like the little icon faces.


Probably the most epic video i have ever seen.

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definitely enjoyed this

I like the concept of the three different endings. The music was fitting, and the 8-bit art was fantastic (although the main character might have been worked on a little more) and the gameplay engaging enough. It was a bit tedious to go back through the entire game to get all three endings, but the endings themselves were interesting enough for it. I just waited a few days between each play through.

Could have been longer and a bit more involved! I would have liked to see more NPCs and interaction with them. I do like how the dwarves back at your home greet you differently depending on which ending you are about to get.


I love the elephant. Any game he's in just makes me squee.

that is all.

yay blocks!

I enjoyed this game very much! It was a good balance between easier and more difficult levels. The problem-solving required was a lot of fun, and the concept was fresh and intriguing. I had to use a walkthrough for almost every step of level 49 (and maybe one more, I forget) and to get a star on "planting roses," but only glanced at the video for hints otherwise.

I only gave a 9 instead of a ten because sometimes slight lag would make my piece shoot off too far in the direction I was pressing and get stuck to something, making me need to restart the level. Since I was already constantly restarting anyway from trial-and-error, the extra restarts got annoying.

The music wasn't bad, but you included a "turn off music" option so I listened to my own. I don't think that detracted from the game in any way.

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A little cluttered here and there, but never all that messy. Definitely wish there was more on the low end, some sub bass. Glad to see people releasing on NG these days! cheers

pretty sick noises you're opening with. In my opinion, your percussion could use a bit more beef in the low end, maybe just a juiced up kick would help. Also, you probably want to build some kind of breakdown or switchup to extend the track - you don't want the opening to be half of the song unless the song is 5+ minutes. But I do enjoy the sounds you do have going on here. cheers!

CyroNG responds:

WOAH, a review with decent points in 2019? I salute you.
You know, I might actually take your suggestions then upload this again.


Not sure how I got here, but I found it.
Good job on this, I like it. Like you said, could use some time mixing/mastering..etc
keep up the good work

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